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Here are some kind words that I've received

(from folks who have been through the training)

High Level Stuff

Hey Trav,

The angle change stuff is awesome, and they work miracles.

Your systematic approach to entering exchanges in this course blew my mind. This is high level stuff, and I think it is the main differentiator that makes your teaching that much better than other coaches.

I've been in many gyms, as well as college boxing team, and your teaching is the most technical and systemic out of all the coaches I've worked with. Thank you so much for being a wonderful mentor to me throughout this journey.

Bobby Chen

Martial Artist

The Best

Hey Travis,

New student here! These are the best striking lessons that I've managed to find. How can I buy another copy for my Krav Maga coach?

I LOVE having these workouts on my iPad. It's actually got me training every day.

I wish I had this ten years ago!

Badass Krav Chick

Yifat Cohen

Krav Maga Practitioner

Life Changing

Trav, as an amateur MMA fighter, this course has completely changed my game.

Honestly, your coaching in general has changed my life. Just wanted to say thanks.

Billy Myers

Amateur MMA Fighter

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...two weeks after I got your course and had been practicing it, I got jumped by an inmate during a cell search with his some-made shank. I used your sleeve defense and it worked perfectly.  He attacked exactly the way you showed us and that I trained for.  He first shoved and then grabbed my shirt with his left hand and came in low on the right with the shank.  Your defense worked perfectly and I walked without a scratch. Now I teach my guys that technique and I'm pushing all of them to buy your stuff.  You sent me home safe bro and I appreciate it!!!

If you want to use this comment as part of your marketing please do so just leave my name out of it due to HIPAA laws and various state laws that govern correctional officers here. They could fire me if this comment was connected to me. but anyway thanks again looking forward to the rest of your training.