How to Bob and Weave

A few relatively easy moves can make anyone hard to hit.

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How to Dodge Punches...

For Beginners.  I guess.

(And advanced folks too. Because most of their head movement is honestly kinda crappy. No offense.)

In the game of self defense, there’s a reliable way to make any punches aimed at the ol’ head miss completely. Typically I just call it 'Head Movement'... but some might call it the mystical art of 'Bobbin and Weavin'. 

There’s a few quick things to learn... so, fill out the form and learn them.  What are you even reading this for?

All things considered, Self-Defense becomes ridiculously easy if a person is hard to hit.

I've seen guys with no prior experience, start dodging punch combinations immediately… and I’ve seen it 100 times... because I coached them myself.  Online.

Yes… you can actually learn this system online; all I have to do is break down the movements.

Think about it: when head movement is done correctly, you don't even touch anything…

that makes this specific aspect of martial arts actually trainable without a partner, and without equipment.

It’s just a bunch of simple movements… and the same techniques patterns, repeated over and over, will make strikes miss in the vast majority of instances…

And brosef, my kind attorneys have encouraged me to point out that results might vary... lest anyone decide to go out and recreate the results that I demonstrated.

I personally find self-defense technique fascinating... so I think about it constantly.

I obsess over the details in each movement like a mad scientist, and I practice. practice. practice.  

Through practice and testing, I’m able to figure out exactly what makes each movement 100% efficient, and WHY.  (and that’s the stuff that I’ll be teaching).

As a result of this extensive effort, it’s relatively easy for me to slap gloves on some random dummies and make them hit nothing but air.  And I’m not trying to be cocky…

Most people are just really, really bad at punching.

Anyhow, those who don’t pay attention, practice, or focus on the technique will definitely get hit in the head frequently.  

In fact, those who do everything right, STILL get hit along the way!  It’s part of the process.

A process that you can click here to start, if you’ve had enough reading for a day

At the end of the day, this system is for Self-Defense.  It’s for the times when you don’t have a choice but to stand your ground, and when winning really matters.  (It’s not for impressing random attractive female pedestrians.  That’s just a glorious by-product.)

So while “results may vary”, it is absolutely possible to make any attacker miss every single strike that he might throw...

...and sometimes quit just because he’s tired.  

But only those who learn can possibly become un-hittable...  

So jump in the course and start mastering the Art of Head Movement.

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