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I hate to bring you bad news  🙁

(You can still grab the regularly priced program in the shop:)

(and I don't mean to rub it in...)

But here are the nice things that people are saying about the course:

Life Changing

Without getting too long winded I wanted to let you know how life changing your program has been to me, and by extension to those that I have been training with.

I've obviously been implementing your techniques and training with great results (I'm killing my peers with the head movement game).

I can't even tell you how helpful it is that you not only break down the technique, but also that you show us the real application and drills.  I get to climb inside your head and know what you're thinking because you explain why you implement every detail.

Overall it really is an invaluable program, and I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you've put into it.

Adam Thompson

Martial Artist


Dear Trav,

I've been practicing head movement and stuff 3 times a week, and I gotta say, it's really changed my game around. 

I still get hit a few times, but it's never where the other person was actually trying to hit - I can take forearm/shoulder hits all day, and I've only taken like 1-2 hits to the chin from doing something stupid. It's awesome!

And working my footwork just changed everything so much I can really dance around a guy and drive them crazy. Thanks!

Best regards,

Ray Chou

Martial Artist

Utterly Fantastic

Hey Trav,

I'm compelled to express how utterly fantastic your HM program is! 

Either as a stand alone or an addition to an existing discipline, your program is world class. 

Thanks for the great videos and master instruction.

I have learned more from your classes in weeks than I have in years. Rock on!!

P.S.  When will you conduct another live seminar?

Dan Galarza


Top Shelf


Your videos are top shelf sir.

I'm one of the real deal subscribers that purchased the head movement program several months ago, and just gotta say it has significantly upped my game. My balance and stability when throwing punches and kicks is way more solid, I'm faster, much more squirrelly, and much harder to hit.

You have dispelled my previous belief that one can't learn badass martial arts skills on the Internets.

Carry on good man, I will continue to train and work the head movement skills.



The Most Effective Tool

Hey Trav, Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know I have been using the drills in your head movement program religiously for about 3 months now.

It is quite literally the most effective tool I have in my arsenal, especially when combined with these counter attacks.

I just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort with your videos and that if you ever find yourself in British Columbia, swing by our school! Your teaching would be invaluable and I would love to see you slip a few punches 😉 

Thanks again Trav.

Rich Mott


Greatly Improved

Hey Trav,

I'm a member of the head movement program (and still very much just a beginner), but I wanted to tell you just how much you have helped so far. The lessons have greatly improved my skills, but even more my confidence.

I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference you're making, (in case you ever get to questioning your life while sitting behind a screen). Keep up the great work. I look forward to honing my skills as we go along.

Tristan Monroe

U.S. Military



Wanted to let you know my fight tonight went great, slipped a few wild shots early got a sweet osoto gari and swung into an arm triangle. 

Quick finish and not a scratch thanks to your head movement drills. 

Thanks again man!

James Dalton

Competitive Fighter

Loving It

Hi Trav,

I'm just sending this to say thank you so much for these programmes. I am 17 years old and a black belt in karate and found this head movement course to be very helpful when sparring.

Not only does it help me to remain calm but also dodge a lot of quick punches. Thanks so much, keep doing what you're doing.  I’m really loving the course and recommend it to anybody out there!


Martial Artist

The Best

Hey Trav,

I purchased the head movement training... it's the best training I've ever purchased.

It has helped me immensely and I use it daily...  it is my meditation!

It has also made watching boxing/mma more fun and interesting... you are an excellent teacher and keep things fun.

Mike Sampson



Hi Trav, I am 44 years old, love boxing but never had the balls to stand up for myself.  I have been watching your videos for a while and had my 1st street fight a week ago.

I am very proud to say that I threw the overhand right set-up from the bob and weave course and knocked the guy straight out (and then all his friends S#$% themselves and backed off).

Thank you so much for your lessons and I guarantee no one is ever going to mess with me again!  Thank you Trav.

Ace McDermott



 I love this program, the training is great and your coaching is excellent. I have learned a lot and I'm both a boxing and thai boxing coach with over twenty years of martial arts training behind me.

This program would help anyone who wants to learn how to improve their defense, movement and fitness.

Thanks again for the great program and the comedy works a treat; your students are a great laugh and everyone loves a laugh, life is to short to be a serious boring s*** head Best,


Hull Wing Chun


Trav, So there I was, yesterday, the sole occupant of an elevator in a Seattle hotel. Suddenly, almost without warning or forethought, I broke into a some quick head movement reps. The audience of my subconscious cheered as I slickly dodged and slipped punches from an opponent much larger than the ectomorph that is yours truly. Triumphant, the 7th floor suddenly appeared in front of me, and I continued my day as if I had not just wore the hell out of a vicious opponent in the elevator.

Rick Weldner

Elevator Ninja

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Two weeks after I got your course and had been practicing it, I got jumped by an inmate during a cell search, and he had a shank. I used your sleeve defense and it worked perfectly! Also I loved the way you presented the statistics. statistically what to practice for literally made me faster, he attacked exactly the way I trained for, in other words he first shoved and then grabbed my shirt with his left hand and came in low on the right with the shank. your defense worked perfectly and I walked without a scratch I now teach my guys that technique and I'm pushing all of them to buy your stuff. you sent me home safe bro and I appreciate it!!! 

if you want to use this comment as part of your marketing please do so just leave my name out of it due to HIPAA laws and various state laws that govern correctional officers here. they can actually fire me if this comment was connected to me that's why I sent it as an email but anyway thanks again looking forward to the rest of your training.


Correctional Officer
Super-max facility for the criminally insane



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Pure Gold

Hi Trav,

I just wanted to fire off a quick email and say how glad I am I invested in your Knife course material. It is a rare thing to find a teacher who simply wants to share good quality material with the only intent being to develop the student. So far I am reviewing the Knife Mastery and the Head Movement course and the material is pure gold!

Thank you,  



Really Shines

This course is great man. When I tested it, I was able to avoid anything fatal and counter with the few lessons I’ve seen. Knife defense is ugly but I like your approach, as usual. This course really shines when you mix it with other courses though. The striking course and leg lock course makes me feel totally confident in my skill to punch someone’s lights out and keep them down. All we need now is an actual arm locks course 😉  



Freakin' Cool

Hey Trav,
Great program, I love it. Your perspective is real world and includes everything: striking, throwing, positioning etc. Coming from a traditional Jiu Jitsu system, it looks and feels very traditional which is why I love it. You bring traditional combative martial arts principles and tactics into the modern world, which is freakin cool.
Thanks again, and it helps that your entertaining. Now off to teach and throw some youngsters around in my kids classes. Thanks for doing this, I think it's awesome.  

Charles Orchard  

Total Ryu Martial Arts Inc


This course revolutionizes Knife Defense. It basically clears out all the crap you see on the internet and teaches you stuff that works in many situations.  




Hey, Trav! I have a couple of things I wanted to ask you about, but first things first: I am enamored with this Knife Defense course so far even being only a few videos in. I can't wait to dive into the rest of this as time allows.  



Love the Material

I made it through the course for the first time to familiarize myself with the material. Now I am ready to start partner training. I love the material, great job as always.  



Amazing Stuff

Hi Trav,

I am working my way through your Knife Defense course and there's so much sense to what I’ve seen so far, even though I have no striking experience. I’m only a 4 stripe blue belt in jitz, but I like to think it gives me some slightly honed bull detection abilities.

The lesson plan and the collecting of skills is definitely what keeps me interested in training jitz. I applied your hand check/jab (from the down thrust knife position) to jitz sparring in the gi and I’ve been nailing their sleeve straight into an arm drag or a trip! Results there 🙂

Ignoring my waffle, love the vids, editing, humor etc. and the fact that you obviously love teaching, it comes across all the better in the content. Amazing stuff, can’t wait to start drilling

All the best to you mate,  


Jiu Jitsu Practitioner


Hey Trav,

I’ve practiced self defense for about three years and the dojo I attend has quite a focus on knife defense. However, after having completed your course on Knife Defense I honestly can state that now for the first time I understand what is important in a dynamic knife defense situation. You provide a great concept that is simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-practice, and effective. For sure it was not the last time I will go through your course.

I have been a fan of fight smart since I completed your Head Movement program. And I liked the Knife Defense course so much I finally ordered some fight smart t-shirts. I was hesitating because the shipping cost to Germany would cause a major hole in my retirement plan. Great course! Thank you! I hope you will sell a lot of stuff and get obscenely rich!

Have a good time!  



The Missing Piece

Hey, I gotta tell ya, I’m not a fighter but I’ve studied martial arts since I was a kid (I’m 52 now). My black belt, and most of my time, has been studying Ed Parker’s American Kenpo. I love it and have felt it is the most practical MA I’ve studied.  The instructor at our particular school remains traditional requiring extensive Kenpo knowledge for black belt testing as well as a Jiu Jitsu requirement and some Kung fu for completeness.  However, even with that and sparing, I’ve always felt there was something missing. 

YOU’VE PROVIDED THE COMPLETENESS! THE KEY! THE MISSING PIECE! YOU ARE THE MISSING LINK! The combination of your real life experience, with essentially scientific testing, in full speed attacks is absolutely brilliant! It seems like such an obvious concept yet you were the first to do it!  I have simplified my Kenpo techniques for my son and added your stuff! 

Excellent job and thanks!  


Martial Artist

Thank You

I viewed the entire Knife program and I’m glad I did. Your research into the best and simplest moves and techniques are worth viewing and practicing time and time again. I'm so glad I purchased the Knife video and now I'm finally able to start viewing Fighting Bigger People. Unfortunately; I'm not a young buck anymore and turning 54 this month I'm now getting arthritis in the knees. These techniques are great for my limited mobility (No deep squatting or lunging).

I also want to say your humor makes these video enjoyable to watch along with attached real-life situation videos that explain in detail how to avoid being slashed or stabbed. Every Martial Artist, regardless of their system, needs to incorporate these videos into their arsenal. They are simple and tested for all to see.

Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting these together.  


Not a young buck


As a Martial Artist and self defense enthusiast I have been looking for a realistic knife defense guide for a long time. I have seen many teachers of Krav Maga, Kali and others teaching knife defense. I am not going to say they didn’t work although they didn’t work for me well. I am a guy who believes in sparring (slow & hard). For me if I can’t use a technique in sparring, then I can’t use it in a fight. Here Trav’s “Knife Defense Mastery Program” Shines. He teaches “Non Committal” defense against knife attacks in this course so that you can react to their tricks and fakes, which is much more realistic for a knife attack. The “Full Committal” defense that the others teach always got me stabbed in sparring sessions because if they’re tricking or faking, your defense is all in at that point and they’ve got you.
I wanna give Trav a “HUUUGGE Thanks” for taking time to think about this course and produce it. This course is the most realistic course for knife defense I have ever seen.    


Martial Artist

Absolutely Stellar

I just finished the Knife Self Defense course and I have to say that you really outdid yourself this time. This course was absolutely stellar! It’s very clear and easy to see that lots of work and effort was put into it. I absolutely loved how you left no stone unturned in the Knife Defense game.

I like how the course is set up with 4 parts covering each subject and using American football techniques in order to have a functional advantage was very clever. Overall it was a lot of fun to watch and learn. It really did live up to the hype and then some.

The conclusions you put are always heartwarming and I always look forward to them. I feel much safer against a knife attack now than before as long as I keep practicing everything I learned. These videos completely shift the conversation about knife defense to a completely new angle, the same way you did with multiple attackers. Instead of saying it can’t be done, now we are saying it can and here’s the proof.

Well done, Trav!  



Super Detailed

So far I think it is great. I expected just a few videos, but was very happy to see that the whole course is already laid out and the videos are super detailed. One was like 30 min long! I have recently started training with the BJJ and Judo with the gi, so the lessons on isolating the knife I thought were very effective and easy to learn. I also feel like combining this with your footwork lessons and adding in the FMA lessons for situational awareness are also a great help. Overall I’m still trying to take everything in and get in as many reps as possible, but so far I love the program. Well worth the money!  


BJJ and Judo Practitioner

Excellent Stuff

You have made me a crazy person, I have ordered my first ever rubber knife. I have someone to practice with gently. 

I am very excited, I wish I had someone to throw and wrestle, but no takers so far. I want to try some of the take downs. 

It’s excellent stuff. It’s the most friendly, kind spirited training to kick the snot out of attackers ever.

Thanks Trav


Crazy Person

Nothing Like It!

From what I’ve seen of the Knife Defense course, there is nothing like it! I mean it! Usually self defense systems and techniques (especially weapon defense) are very unrealistic and very dangerous for the defender.

 I really like how you took the MMA formula and applied it to knife defense. 

The course is very good, high quality and down to earth. Even now I feel safer if I am to get attacked with a knife hahaha. I really appreciate the material you put out man, keep up the good work!



Better Than Anything


I love the Knife Self Defense program so far. I have trained in Krav Maga. They they teach to block and strike at the same time, but that’s where the similarities end. Some of the knife defense lessons that I learned from Krav Maga did not make me feel comfortable. If I was ever in a situation where a person is attacking me with a knife, I would pick your training to save my life.

I have purchased many of your programs because they make sense. Thank you for creating this program. On hand to hand fighting and defense your lessons are much better than anything I’ve tried before. I know that de-escalation is the goal, and for the last 18 years it has worked for me. If I do need to fight and defend myself or my family I know that I can fight smart.

Thank you!  


Krav Maga Practitioner


I'm really enjoying your course. I've done competitive fencing; mostly epee (no right of way rules just poking the whole body), and saber (the  poking-slashing weapon).  Sure, fencing is a sport and as such lacks the realism of a true free-for-all fight, but the distancing and the feints and the parries are all there.

Thanks for putting all of this amazing information.



Top Quality

So far I love the course, I just need to convince someone to join me in training this. I still have a lot of content to crunch thru, but I’m sure it’s on point as usual.

Also kudos for continually delivering top quality content in your videos, I genuinely appreciate the effort. From the business side of things I enjoy seeing the attention to detail in the content that matters.





Loving the course, Trav. Movement in general is something I need to work on and so far I would say that this course has already made a positive difference in my game.  I’m a big guy, so elusiveness is essential for me and I’ve never taken the time to develop it specifically. So thank you for giving me the tools to use in my spare time and work on it specifically at home.

Kyler Stewart



Dude! As my girlfriend was singing tonight I had to push a drunk kid back from stage and he swung at me. I automatically rear slipped! He lost his balance and smashed into a table which was hilarious haha. That's about it cause the bouncer grabbed him but the moral is I rear slipped without any thought! Thanks man!

David Auchmuty



Hey mate, Bill Tweed here again from A & E Boxing Techniques. I'm onto day 6 of your slipping tips and I've got to say as a boxer you deliver your classes and tips with a larrikin attitude. You sure you're not an Aussie mate? You know your stuff and that's the best money I've spent in a long time. Keep on, keeping on!

William Tweed



Hey Trav, I'm a fourth year nursing student and just got into your Head Movement mp3 a couple months ago. I was working a shift at the hospital and had the opportunity to work with a patient who had unpredictable violent tendencies. There were a couple occasions where he would spontaneously throw a punch or spit at my face, particularly when my hands were full with syringes or meds of some kind. My mind was thoroughly blown when my body just seemed to instinctively move out of the way, and I was able to control the situation or get the hell out of there. Thanks for saving my face man!

Travis H



I’ve been doing your drills every day. Parts of me are hurting that I didn't think could hurt and it’s a great feeling. It seems like I've been getting faster by the day. I've been doing this type of thing since I was a little kid, but this is the most relatable course I’ve done in while. 

You’re easy to understand and it seems like I'm listening to one of my buddies. So keep up the good work and when I'm comfortable with the Head Movement program, I will buy the rest one by one. The free ones are great too!

Thank for your time,





Definitely enjoying the vid series on not getting hit. The two things I learned about myself day 1 of MMA training were that I love the sport and that I really don't like getting hit. Fight while not getting punched all the time is pretty much my favorite thing to do. While I was able to do this with moderate success by simply moving my head like you recommend as often as possible, the tight movements and specific muscle groups you cover were exactly what I needed to defend with more intent and less effort - and look cool as hell in the process.

Andrew G



The Head Movement stuff works like a charm in my local MMA gym. 

I hardly ever get caught anymore and I counter pretty good for only being in it a year.

Brandon Eldred



Hi Trav, I’m Giuseppe from Italy. I just used your training for Head Movement some times and I've already seen some results. Thank you a lot. I’m going to do it with the heavy bag, and thanks to your videos I’m improving my English. Thank you a lot bró!

Giuseppe Cea



Hi Trav it’s Vinny from Bolton I won my boxing match on points and the head movement coarse really helped me as I hardly got hit over the whole three rounds I really enjoyed the whole experience but it was a long day as I was fight 28 next to last fight but a wind a win eh 🤼‍♂️

Vincent Raynor



I've been doing the Head Movement and Striking workouts in combination for about three weeks. 

All this ducking, bobbing and core rotation work caused by the routines you created are causing at least two side effects.  

Firstly, I'm starting to get ridges across my obliques and they are starting to appear on my abs, and secondly, my love handles have disappeared.




"The Head Movement Program” is freakin' awesome. I'm a U.S. Marine yet still could improve on fighting. The instruction is very detailed and clear. Explained so that you will understand the concept of every technique. This layout builds confidence by repetition. The more time you spend on each technique, the smoother and quicker you become. Throw on music and do the techniques in front of a mirror to encourage good form and explosiveness. Devote time to this excellent presentation over months and you will advance to a new level of readiness as a warrior.

Chris Salazar 



Hey Trav, I love the program.  It's the only thing that I use for fitness and it keeps me in good shape. I can feel the movements happening really fluidly, and the only hard part is that it's kind of hard to be creative when linking slips, ducks, and bobs.

Your magical-combination-maker thing helps guys like me get through the lack of head movement creativity, and I really dig it. Aside from that, you're a funny dude, thanks for not being dry and s***ty!

Thanks for making this program, and keep the awesomeness comin' brother!

Cisco Franyutti



I can highly recommend the Head Movement Training program. Trav is a great coach who breaks down each slip step-by-step. Through a comprehensive training routine, he builds those skills which will make you as slippery as snot and make you a devastating counter puncher. You need very little equipment; just a mirror, a piece of rope, skipping rope and pool noodles…yes I said pool noodles. If you have ever wanted to slip like Mike Tyson, this revolutionary program will teach you those skills, all you have to do is to apply the knowledge. I'm currently running through it for a second time to sharpen up my skills the Head Movement Training program is a great value for the money and great fun too.

Sean Austin



Dear Trav,

Thank you for your excellent products. I already purchased your Head Movement and Striking Dojo programs, I absolutely love them. They coincide perfectly with the coaching that I'm getting from my professional trainers. They are truly well put together, easy to follow, and excellent programs that inter-mingle perfectly with the training I'm getting. They are excellent at sharpening my skills significantly! It's great to be able to watch the videos and listen to them when I'm sitting comfortably in my home; then I rehearse and visualize the movements in my mind over and over. And finally, I put them to use at the gym and mixed along with the training I get from my coaches your videos have significantly boosted my skills in many ways. Thank you.





I was in the garden with my autistic son this afternoon and he moved a tree to a different location. Inside the large tree pot was a heavy post digging bar. My kid tilted the tree and the post came toward my head straight on – not sure why, but I instinctively slipped and it just scraped my skull behind the ear. Just a minor headache now and some shock wondering how I avoided major injury. Oh, and a good story to tell.

No shit, one inch more to the right and I would have been F***** up!





Dude I need so much work still! I want to say thank you!!! I was ducking more shots than ever, as you can see I could have ducked a few more 🙂 I really was listening to your mp3 bobbing and weaving literary every day and doing the work outs in between my regular training. Thanks dude :-). My balance and foot work was better than ever, but still needs more work only my forth fight! 😉

Jesus Morales



Trav, Since I have started training my head movement, following your videos, I'm really surprised to see how my back (especially lower back) has become so strong and ripped. I never experienced anything like this core effect on my muscles from regular exercises. Sorry to say thanks, in spite of you saying not to thank. But can't help from saying thanks for what you are sharing for us. So, really thanks! Cheers mate! Hyaaah!

Abhishek G



Hi Trav!

I'm an Italian boy and it's been so difficult for me to understand what u say in training…but since I learned I understood how good and hard it is. I'm learning a lot with your Head Movement course. I love what u are doing, keep doing it man. U helping people to learn how to stand up for themselves! Good man!