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Dodge punches like a Ninja.  Don't get beat up... it's embarrassing and easily avoidable with a little training.

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How to fight now.com has one purpose: to teach you fighting techniques that will make you a more dangerous person. To be honest, I don't even care what you do with the skills you pick up here... I make a really poor moral adviser. My purpose is to give you the information and videos you need to be a bad-ass mother f***er.

The site is packed full of free MMA technique videos that work in a street fight, in a cage fight, or in any situation where you need to defend yourself. Self-defense... self-offense... whatever... just WIN.

The Fight Smart training program is not some karate class where you break boards for 5 years, they slap a black belt on you, and then you still get your ass beat by some chubby and ill-temperred bully. Everything here is REAL; these moves are capable of doing major bodily harm.  These are MMA moves that I used in my career as a professional prize fighter, and that were taught to me by champions like Bas Rutten, Frankie Edgar, and Eddie Alvarez.... I also made a lot of them up myself because I'm clever like that.

Nevertheless, register for the website (again it's free) and learn whatever you can. If you have any questions, ask me in the forum. Make sure you let me know exactly what you want to learn, and I'll make it for you.