3 Entertaining Nuggets of Savagery

I don't have the energy today for a well-written and nuanced newsletter today. 

I'm dieting... and therefore I am grumpy.  

Today, you shall receive:

...three moderately entertaining nuggets of savagery.

I don't even feel like finding a way to post them on my own website, in hopes that you may randomly stumble into my shop to buy something.  

Don't buy something.  See if I care.  I'm grumpy. 

1. Don't make your coach angry.

Interestingly, this exact sequence of events is a fantastic way to end a fight, without really having to end a fight. 

Show someone that you can become un-hittable, leave 5 pink finger-marks on his face, and stroll away angrily speaking Portuguese. 

2.  Is that... Daniel Laruso?

I used jump kicks to win nearly every single fighting video game I played in the 90's, and this is damn near the same kick that made The Karate Kid a legend.

We at Fight Smart salute you, sir.  

3. Here's a spinning back elbow in a coffee shop

This video just... feels Russian.  

Nevertheless, don't get within an arms reach of someone unless you're ready to get down to business.

And that is all. 

I'm going to get back to the sensation of my body digesting itself.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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