A Battle To Remember...

glory achieved on wobbling legs.

There are certain fights in history that serve as a testament to human resolve...

We should watch them from time to time, to invigorate our warrior ways.

I believe that we envy warriors because they fight despite the threat of great loss.

Most folks are not brave.

Most folks are eager to quit.

And yet, the most glorious victories are seized from the jaws of near-certain defeat.

In 2005, Diego Corrales fought Jose Luis Castillo...

...and from the opening bell, these dudes were trying to destroy each other.

These two warriors spend 10 rounds standing literally toe-to-toe... and I'm not the type of dude to misuse the world 'literally'.

I hate that.

This fight is a tutorial on how to hurt people in close, how to slip punches in close, and it's a reminder that real warriors never quit.

Until an incredible 10th round, these guys threw bombs on legs that were wobbling like my 10 month old son trying to stand up and assault my keyboard in this very moment. Fine... I'll allow it. Here he goes:


...the ramblings of a young warrior madman.

Whilst we attempt to accomplish our goals, we will occasionally be wobbled.

I'm trying to see my damn abs again, and yet I ate at least 9 mini-snickers yesterday.

Today, I wake and throw haymakers at my own fat cells in the form of heavy anaerobic cardio on my heavy bag.

Should I eat a Snickers later, it will fuel the development of my punching power. Creating the need for your body to recover makes it a lot easier to deal with an occasional caloric surplus.

Just like this teeny savage on my carpet, we may wobble before taking our most momentous steps forward.

Fights like these serve as a reminder...

Today is a great day to make progress.

Enjoy it.

And have a fantastic weekend.


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