A Breakdown of Conor McGregor's Style and Techniques

After posting some UFC highlight reels recently, I received PILES of requests for a breakdown of the mighty Conor McGregor's fighting style.  

Since I'm badly slacking on the Hand-Speed video I still intend to release, I figured that this highly informative lesson is the least that I can do.

Here's the video in advance, if you're anti-reading...

In this lesson I will teach you a ton of stuff Conor McGregor... including:

1. How he remains smooth, relaxed, and balanced.

2. How he keeps his opponents running away

3. A breakdown of his 5 frequently used kicks

4. His best "set ups and combinations"

5. His flaws and errors (that others can exploit)

... and much more!

Now look... I used some clips from the UFC that I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to use, so this video will probably be taken down in a relatively short period of time.  

If you're going to watch this thing, please watch it now... 

Also, feel free to recklessly stab the like button on the website, and post this page on your Facebook wall to show your friends that you know more about fighting and MMA than they do.

Here's the comment section...

Humans like to talk about things.

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