A Fantastic Strategy...

and a Violent Beating... (wow)

After several weeks of Jiu Jitsu instruction, it's about time to make a return to some good old-fashioned street fighting beatdowns... with underlying technical mastery, of course.

Today's video will expose you to the best strategy that you can use against a larger opponent (arguably any opponent), and you'll get to see it in action in a street fight that lasts only a matter of seconds.

This video will put a little pit in your stomach... and I suggest you turn your speakers down if you're at work. 

The game plan is simple:

1. Close Distance

2. Take Your Opponent Down

3. Pass to a dominant Position

4. Beat him senseless with ground and pound


The truth is, most of my members just want to punch people in the head and watch their eyes roll back, and that's probably the least sophisticated way to fight... and one that leaves you with a high percentage of failure.  

As I will start to show you in depth next week, today's general methodology is PROVEN to be the most effective way to take people out, with as little risk to yourself as possible.

You will learn a LOT next week, and I hope this video starts to show you the value of what I have in store for you.

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