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Designing the 'MMA Nerd'

It's sorta late on Friday Night... I've been working on a new training program which will probably be called, 'Insanely Powerful Strikes' or something equally obvious.  

I'm sorta tired.  

In times like these, I have a reserve stash of videos that rely on the most primitive form of martial entertainment... which is the display of stupid, amazingly horrible knockouts.  (in this case, in competitive combat sports).  

They require no effort in the actual crafting of newsletter. 

Mmmmmmm... I can just feeeeeel the lack of effort.  So good right now.  

Click here to watch some spectacular knockouts... the first one alone is worth the click.

aRe yOu noT enTerTainEd?! 

Well, in that case, you might want to peruse the brand new 'newsletter section' of my website.

It has all of the musings of my mind from over the years, and it's filled with higher effort content than you're reading right now. 

Hey... it's a link to that thing I was just talking about!  You should click it.

Other than that, if you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel, you should do that.  But just because I want a million followers.  You will receive no additional benefit.    ...or will you?

I guess you'll have to find out.  

Have a fantastic weekend.



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