A Ticket To Snap City...

and a piece of Fight Smart history!

I chose today's video to highlight the incredibly effective art of Leg Locks... and to show you how the best grapplers in the world are using it to instantly disable their opposition.

... which would be an easy skill to build using your brand-new USED grappling dummy!

That's right!  After watching today's video, you can own a tiny piece of Fight Smart history, and buy my well-loved Bubba 2 Jiu Jitsu training dummy at a Craigslist-level discount price!

Just look at this glorious fellow!

I clearly should have taken a picture before I packed him up to be shipped... but here's a video that features this dummy in all of his glory, and shows you what you can do with him.  

I will also  include free access to Leg Locks: The Great Equalizer, as an added bonus for whoever adopts this guy.

Whaaaaat?!  Yup.

In all seriousness, I've built a lot of skills with this dummy, so I don't have the heart to just throw him out.   I... I just can't do it.

My wife is my training partner now, and I'm tired of mopping around this guy's lifeless androgynous corpse, when I have her joints at my disposal.

Click here if you're in the market for a well loved, D-List celebrity training dummy.  


Today's actual video starts with some high stakes trash talking, and ends with a breakdown of the incredible leg lock set up that finishes the fight.

Jiu Jitsu is a chess match that uses only our fragile joints as pieces.

Ralek Gracie and Gary Tonon are grandmasters of Jiu Jitsu and this match (with the breakdown that follows) offer a glimpse into their diabolical genius.

Whoever made this video did a nice freeze-frame breakdown of the set up for the final potential 'break'.  

It's a good one, and I hope it inspires you to practice some leg locks!

Click here to check it out!

And have a fantastic week!


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