About 20 different ways to toss people...

(this is sweet.)

In the world of martial arts, there are many frauds.  Try an Aikido 'throw' in a street-fight, and tell me how that goes for you.  When you're done scraping yourself off of the pavement, punch yourself in the face for being a silly person.

Or... just watch today's video, and conduct a few google searches (in Japanese)

Anyhow, this is an INCREDIBLY cool highlight reel featuring about 20 different Judo throws, executed in the cage, on multiple occasions.

You may or may not know my philosophy on 'real vs. fake' moves, but if you want to find techniques that actually work, you watch carefully for ones successfully executed in the highest levels of competitive fighting... and that is what you train.  

"If it works in the cage, it works in real life"

-Trav... just now. 

If you abide by that principle, you'll never waste time with crap that DOESN'T WORK.

Anyhow, here is the video... all of the moves are subtitled with their Japanese names... if you want to learn any of them, search google!

Now, can I teach you this stuff?

Yea... kinda...

Judo is not my strong point.  I can do some of the throws well, and more importantly I understand the throws, but I feel somewhat awkward trying to teach you this stuff.  It's just not my forte.

If you want to learn immediately, consult the Google Bots... and have fun with your new Japanese skills.  

Oh hey! I do have one very old-school lesson featuring a Judo 'throw'... in which you slam your opponent on the back of his head... here it is.


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