Aikidon't. Just... don't. 

(And A Machete Attack Bonus?)

I've been trying to limit the amount of time I spend mocking and 'debunking' other martial arts.

I've already beaten these dead, ancient Chinese horses numerous times... and they've been dead for thousands of years.  

I'm stomping on fossils at this point. 

And yet, when some arrogant Aikido practitioner preaches the "superiority" of his art, I'm ready to throw his bones on the horse pile and dance angrily upon them.  

Fortunately, a fellow MMA fighter was happy to provide the social justice that said guy so desperately needed...

That video may contain the hardest smack I've ever seen in my life....

It's the best way for his paradigm to be shifted, unfortunately.  His former concept of reality, and his left-ear drum... are no more.

Aikido is based on "redirecting your opponent's energy".

It's a misguided notion.

It only works if your opponent is overextending that energy, while simultaneously participating in your silly throws.  

Otherwise, it doesn't work.  

We don't train to fight fools here at Fight Smart. 

We Fight Smart... People. 

If you want to use the ebb and flow of your opponent's energy to drop him on his head, go study some damn Judo!

Judo is not based on having a perpetually overextended and cooperative partner.

If he's not 'where you want him', you can use various grips (collar, sleeve, head, overhook, underhook etc.) to wrench him into your throws.

...or at least that's how I do it. 

But as you're about to see, the best Judokas take what they are given... and will easily capitalize on moments of overextension.  

Take this machete attack for example...  

That crazy bastard just tried to split a cop's head in half.

Instead, the Judo-cop flowed into a perfect "Seoi Nage" (a highly functional throw), which dropped the attacker on his head.

That kind of timing, in the face of death, is spectacular.  

...and you develop that by doing about 10,000 reps of functional throws

Not by doing nonsense.  

To further elucidate the remarkable handiness of this particular throw, I have unearthed a few other videos for you:

... this woman cripples some guy WITH ONE ARM, using the same throw.


...this guy instantly end a street altercation with functional grips, and a sweet, sweet Seoi Nage.

If I had to choose between doing 10,000 reps of Seoi Nage with a training partner, or having ALL OF AIKIDO instantly injected into my brain like Neo in the Matrix, I would choose the 10,000 reps.  

I don't need that nonsense clouding my judgement when a machete is coming at my forehead.   

Have a fantastic weekend.  


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