Basic Angle Changes

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If you haven't seen the video on "Attack Angles" yet, do yourself a favor and watch it.  You need to understand the importance of that lesson and the importance of changing your angle before you skim over these details.  This is an incredibly quick, and incredibly effective way to move out from your opponent's direct line of fire, and stay safe during a fight.

Now the following video is certainly not a 'Trav Lesson' but it's incredibly beneficial.

Michael Jai White provides an excellent demonstration of the efficacy of a 'non-telegraphed' punch.

In holding 'focus-mitts' with training partners, many fighters end up building a highly telegraphed punch into their muscle memory... simply so he and his partner can make solid contact with the mitts.

As Mr. White points out, this is a 'flawed punch' and he offers a fantastic demonstration of the contrary.

mjwMichael Jai White Teaches Kimbo a Lesson

An excellent demonstration in the value of not telegraphing your punches.