The Best Jump Ropes

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"Jumping rope is probably the EASIEST way to make your footwork
lightning fast, and give your legs great endurance."

the best jump rope trainingJumping rope is one of the simplest ways to become a better fighter, and it's initially exhausting. Think about it though, if you can't bounce around non-stop and jump over a rope for a few minutes, how do you plan on bouncing around and fighting for a few minutes?

This tool will make you keenly aware of your footwork, for better or worse... and it will help you to build the cardio that you need in your calves to be spritely for an entire fight.  Of course you could just bounce around in place without a rope, but you lose the upper body challenge, and the mental engagement, timing, and reflex building.

I've gone through 689,345 jump ropes in my time... approximately.  The ones with beads will eventually break, scattering the beads all over your training area.  You'll be painfully stepping on them for months afterwards, long after you thought that you swept them all up.

Rubber and leather ropes break near the handle, and your rope will get progressively shorter until it's too annoying to deal with anymore.  If you buy another cheap one, you'll repeat the same non-sense constantly until you finally find a rope that lasts and functions the way that you want.

The following two ropes are the best that I've found:

best jump rope with cable

The Buddy Lee Cable Rope

Once I discovered this style of rope, everything else became irrelevant. The bearings are amazingly fluid, creating speed while preventing tangles and rope breakage... oh, and there's no rope, it's a CABLE. That means it will last forever... though it will also cause you wayyyy more pain when you mess up and the rope strikes your back or legs. This cable-rope hurts, but it is lighting fast, and will last forever.
best jump rope with rubber ropsThe Buddy Lee Rubber Rope - $27.99Normally I stay away from rubber ropes, because eventually they break. That said, this rope is far less likely to break because the bearings are so fluid that the rope will not experience the same type of stress. This rope type is better for tricks and cross overs than the cable rope, but can't possibly last forever, and it is DEFINITELY less painful than the cable rope. Both ropes = awesome.

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