to save lives.

(Before we begin...)

I apologize for neglecting the 'Friday Newsletter' for several weeks...

I have been deep underground in an editing binge, so that I could finally complete the video for our recent fundraiser.

I have been... obsessed.

After insane amounts of meticulous crafting, the video was completed today and finally ready begin circumnavigating the globe immediately... BOOYAH!!!

So I just uploaded it to YouTube for a strategic Friday release and... *poof*

~Instantly banned for a copyright violation~



The bitterness... is overwhelming.  

So in the midst of one last temporary delay, I have two videos that will first reflect (and then subsequently improve) my bitter, bitter mood.  

There is no "value" to this video, but somebody better give this guy his money...

Seriously... because it has clearly been taken.  And it's gone now.  And he's really upset. 

I don't know the back story here... I can only assume that he ordered something on Etsy and it never came.

Petty crap like this leads to extreme violence, regularly.  

And I'm not talking about a knockout in a hallway.  Guns come out, and parents lose their children.

But this gentleman has come up with a better way...

Instead of letting petty beef escalate to a boiling point, he gives kids an opportunity to settle their problems with their hands... in a safe and controlled environment. 

A boxing ring can be the solution to dangerous a violent behavior, and act as a harbinger for respect.   Call me old fashioned, but I tend to have utmost respect for the dudes who can knock me out, or choke me out.

I met my buddy Andre Petroski minutes before he violently herniated many of the disks in my neck...

Now we're the best of friends!

When you stand toe-to-toe with your opponents, you learn about their heart.  You learn about their warrior spirit.   Intended or not... bonds are formed, and mutual respect is earned.

Perhaps lives are saved.    

Gah... I'm still bitter.  


Someone give that guy his stupid money.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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