Funker Tactical has called me out!?

As you may know, I mades some ripples in the Knife Defense world with a scathing 'advertisement' for my knife defense system... which called out the peddlers of fake knife techniques for being fakey fakersons.

After exposing several martial arts for their silliness, I certainly expected some backlash.

(But you can never tell where it's going to come from and your head must be on a swivel at all times...)

In truth, I am also guilty of making up imaginary arguments that I dispatch with my bare fists as I wait for my shower water to heat up. 

But I don't film it.  

That's me time. 

All feigned outrage aside, I have been 'called out' by one of the bigger tactical / hand-to-hand guys on the internet and therefore I must respond.

Video retribution forthcoming.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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