Happy Everything!

And now... something great.

Well, I planned on doing a big holiday giveaway with a free stash of techniques for your enjoyment... but I'm slow and badly injured.  

Instead, I must delay another week, and give you something to watch in the mean time, so that my email robots don't slay your account, due to my own inactivity.  

Killed by my own 'dead man's switch'.  A humiliating fate. 

So today, I bring you a brand new video on Lerdsila, one of the greatest stand- up fighters to ever live...

And you should click here to watch it.  In fact, click that link even if you don't actually want to watch it.  Again, my email robots are murders and unintelligent.  

Here is my favorite moment from that video, which I had never seen before:

This is impressive for a few reasons:

One of the tips I give in the Head Movement Program is how to BEAT a guy who slips a lot.  One of the first things I recommend is to kick your opponent in the damn leg!  

Boxers tend to place a lot of weight on their lead foot when slipping, especially when moving forward to slip and counter. 

With more weight on that leg, it becomes much harder to lift it off of the ground, in order to shield a kick.   

Now, Lerdsila is executing a REAR slip in this video, so it's easier than the scenario I just mentioned, but no matter what slip he executes, Lerdsila returns his body to a balanced stance, from which he can still lift and shield with the lead leg.  

This is the most important adjustment to make when combining boxing with Muay Thai.

The days of leaning dramatically forward, or even just squatting down... are over.

Secondly, Lerdsila is fighting with his hands down, and still effortlessly defending attacks that go to multiple levels of his body.  

He is combining punch radar with kick radar and that's just awesome.  

Watch the best guys in today's UFC, and you will most likely not see a fighter successfully shield a kick directly after a punch is thrown.  

This yet another reason, why he is on a different level. 

So please... enjoy this video, and I hope it inspires you to get training for the New Year.  

After all, we have much to accomplish. 

Happy New Year!

New stuff coming your way next week. 


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