How to fight...

the Chinese government?

The current situation in Hong Kong is a fascinating battle of wills...  for months these folks have flooded the streets, fighting desperately to maintain some autonomy from main-land China... which has been known to tread heavily upon basic human rights.  

These are rights that as Americans, we tend to take for granted.

There have been some brutal physical clashes between the protestors and police... like when this police officer drags and unarmed girl to the ground, only to be mobbed by the protestors and beaten with his own baton... just before drawing his gun and collapsing to the ground.  

But don't be distracted by that video...

Because in the midst of this battle an unlikely champion named Xu Xiaodong has arisen. He has taken a stand on behalf of real martial arts, and on behalf of Hong Kong. 

You have to understand that the Chinese government tends to enjoy brainwashing its citizenry... and this includes subsidized efforts to promote "traditional Chinese culture"... with a heavy emphasis on Tai Chi... amongst other things (all of which are brilliantly explained here).  

(In fact, in order to graduate from High School in certain provinces, you have to be able to demonstrate a mastery of 24 Tai Chi moves...)

But Tai Chi is bullshit.

And Xu Xiaodong has gone on a quest to expose it by effortlessly beating the crap out of every Tai Chi "master" in China... which he has repeatedly done on video. 

But now, he has drawn the attention of the Chinese government... who has done their best to 'scrub' these fights from existence.

They don't want Tai Chi to be bullshit.  After all, it's part of 'traditional Chinese Values'! And they certainly don't want Xu to be proving the flaws in their 'belief'.

If you have a little time, read this story, and watch his fights.  It's a fascinating tale, and you'll be able to see Xu destroy each Tai Chi master as they tell it.  

He might as well be fighting children...

Xu Xiaodong has sacrificed IMMENSELY to bring MMA to China, through their desperate attempts to censor him. 

You have to be one ridiculously brave warrior to stand up to a government willing to erase you... if they don't appreciate your existence.  

Xu Xiaodong, you have the respect and appreciation of Fight Smart.  Keep fighting the good fight!

And to you, I say have a fantastic weekend!


P.S.  I'm just about done with the fundraiser results YouTube video.  We still haven't been able to find the family, and my only chance of doing so is to make this video go viral... it has to be perfect.  Keep an eye out for that on Tuesday of next week...

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