I am your DJ of fisticuffs...

 ...and now here's a feisty track, by Khamzat Chimaev.

Back in the day, your DJ was not only supposed to play bangers in the club to keep you dancing, but also to expose you to new music… and to broaden your musical horizons.  

Well, as your DJ of fisticuffs, it is my job to expose you to ‘new’ fight related stuff... like new-old fights, new-new fights, techniques, fun finishes, and great fighters.

Well, for those of you who have not been watching the UFC, there is a newish fighter named Khamzat Chimaev… and I believe that he might be the most dominant fighter currently in the UFC, despite only recently breaking into the top 10 in his division.  

Here’s a video to show you some of his completely ridiculous destructive power.

The dude is on another level. 

A couple things about Khamzat that you will find incredible:

1.  He is undefeated... and has finished 7/10 opponents in the first round.  None of his opponents have made it past the second round.

2.  In his last fight, he snatched a dude up off the ground… carried him over to where Dana White was sitting, and started screaming random stuff at Dana before slamming the guy on his head… and then continued to have a one sided conversation with the president of the UFC while pummeling the guy's face. 

He finished that fight maybe a minute later… in the first round, leaving an unconscious body on the bloody octagon floor.

It was one of the craziest things I’ve seen in the UFC.  Just… totally bananas.

3.  He has had only TWO strikes landed on him in his entire career… two. He has out-landed his opponents 252 strikes to 2.  This is beyond absurd… and honestly, one of those strikes was barely a strike at all.  Statistically speaking, through ten fights, he is the most dominant fighter to ever exist.

Now look, the whole world changes when you break into the top 10 of any division.

But I don’t see it being much different until he hits the #2 or #1 ranked guys… and even then, this guy just Khabibs people.  I haven’t seen anyone Khabib so many people since Khabib was Khabibbing.  He even Khabibed two UFC guys in a ten day timespan, in two different weight divisions!

"Doesn’t matter.  Anybody.  I’m gonna smesh anybody.  Give me champion 84 kilos, 77 kilos, I smash them both… same day."

I honestly believe him.

As your DJ of fisticuffs, I encourage you to watch Khamzat Chimaev whenever he fights… you may or may not be witnessing the greatest, but you will most certainly be witnessing greatness.  

Have a fantastic weekend!


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