If it works, do it AGAIN

Newsletter - June 28th, 2024

When it comes to street fights (or fights vs a relatively inexperienced opponent), if you throw a technique and it lands, for Pete’s sake, plan on doing it until the guy defends it.

Let’s not over-complicate the situation by ham-handing all of your fancy moves in there…

Make your opponent prove that he actually knows how to defend the technique that landed… and if he does defend it, then you can start to worry more about variation.

The guy in today’s video employed this policy to a rather extreme degree, resulting in an effortless 15 second fight finish.

It's quite magnificent .

Before the video even started, the kicker must have realized, "Hey... this guy has no idea how to defend a low kick," which you may know involves raising your shin up and out to 'check' the kick... 'shin-on-shin'.

In the absence of any such defense, the unrelenting surge of low-kicks began.

(Side-note: normally, an uninformed fighter will reach his arm down to defend the leg... thus exposing a head kick).

With all that said, I personally would NOT have thrown 19 consecutive leg kicks without a little something in between them…

Perhaps a jab, or a couple feints, or a combination of jabs and feints, or really anything that involves very little risk, but also serves to reset the guys brain like the flashy thing from Men In Black...

When dealing with more advanced opponents, if you have a pattern in your attacks, you are far more likely to be countered.

This is one reason why 'newish' fighters suddenly move AWAY from the simple policy of: "If it works, do it again."

As their arsenal expands, they think, "Surely now that I take cardio kickboxing classes, I must intermingle spinning back-fists into every 13th completely unpredictable combination."

It's like out of principle they don't want to be the guy who just spams the low-sweep attack in Mortal Kombat 2... even if it lands 36 times in a row.

I will sweep my inferior children relentlessly UNTIL THEY HOLD DOWN + BLOCK!!!

Look, if you're fighting a top ten UFC guy, you can worry about getting violently countered when exposing a 'tendency'.

If you're just fighting some doofus on the street, make him prove that he even HAS a defensive option in his adrenaline riddled brain.

Finally, to be absolutely sure you're safe, throw a couple of jabs, a couple of feints, and flash him with the brightest memory-erasing bulb that you have.

It works.

(and here's another link to today's video for your convenience.)

If nothing else, it shows you how easy this game can possibly be.

Have a fantastic day!



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