Important comments and questions answered...

you clever savages.

I get a lot of questions and comments after introducing a new strategy... some of them make me shake my head in disappointment with humanity.  Others are worthy of immediate answers!

Today, I'll address the good questions... tomorrow perhaps I'll show you how weak the gene pool can be.

Here we go:

1.  What if the guys have weapons?  Scumbags like these often carry knives. 

I'm going to invent a clever quote... "Don't bring a clinch to a knife fight".  Look, weapons add a new dimension to a fight against multiple attackers.  The best solution is to have a superior weapon.  

Think about it... do you even want a knife in a knife fight?  Even if you win, it's a mess.  

I'll have some solid suggestions for the solution to this problem in video 2 or 3.  

For now, just be sure that you can not clinch the guy with the knife.  If anything, clinch the guy without the knife, and kick the one carrying it.    

This is still not a good plan.. so stay tuned for further details in the next videos.

2.  Will this work on a bigger or taller guy?

Yes, you just have to reach higher to clinch his head!  That said, you always want to clinch the weakest opponent in the group... he will be the easiest to manipulate. I will talk about this in Video #3... but in the mean time, don't be hesitant to clinch someone bigger... all you have to control is his head.

People lose their power when they can't control their own posture.   

3.  Can't a bigger guy just reach out and grab my legs, or bear hug me?  

Nope.  Your forearms and elbows block him.  He can try to reach out, but he won't be able to get a hold of you (especially not your legs), and more importantly you can just be blasting knees directly into his stomach while he's struggling to grab you.  

He could theoretically grab a leg, but there's a super quick way out of that in the full FMA course.  

The bottom line is that he will not be grabbing for long.  FEAR and DAMAGE will force him to deal with defending your knees... not grabbing for holds that aren't working.  

4.  Can't the guy just grab my NUTS!

Theoretically yes, but again, your forearms are a barrier, and you can always move your hips back.  Look, it would require a very accurate and long reach for the guy to successfully get your nuts.  With a strong enough clinch, the guy won't even be able to turn his torso to reach out fully.

ANY time the guy tries to reach his arm at you, whether its a punch or a grab, just drive your same-side forearm into him.  This stops his punch, or stops his grab.  

Instinctively, you will also pop your hips back to avoid a guy fumbling for your nads.  When your hips have popped back, you have the perfect amount of space to unleash a killer knee.  This will hurt him, and he will probably stop grabbing.

Hey, nuts aren't that easy to grab, unless you're wearing a pair of sheer mesh shorts... which are just not my style.  Through a pair of jeans, it's more likely that they just get a handful of denim.

If he does somehow get your nuts, fire the hardest knee you can throw (he can't possibly defend it) and see how his grip holds up.

5.  What if you let go of your clinch, or just lose the hold.

Simple.  Grab it again!  There are clever ways to take your clinch, which I will cover in the full FMA course, but this is not rocket science... when Anderson Silva decided he wanted to clinch Rich Franklin, he just kept reaching out and grabbing his head... over and over.   

If the clinch breaks, move in aggressively, drive your forearms into his collarbones, and tie up his head again.  You can even hide behind your arms and shoulders, so you are not easy to punch while making this aggressive move... even if he hits you with an uppercut, you still end up with your clinch.

In video 3, you will see that I had to let go of my clinch a LOT when I was going against 3 guys... it's just part of the game! 

Ok... stay tuned until tomorrow.  Next video should be out on Saturday!

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Humans like to talk about things.

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