Moves that surprisingly work...

I’ve apparently started a trend in calling out the nonsense that surrounds the world of knife defense… and that’s fun!

I've always wanted to start a trend, but no one else wanted to wear their pants inside-out in middle school.

Now everyone can feast their eyes upon my exposed pockets, and enjoy my uninvited opinions on martial arts!

Another young man has decided to undertake a similar trend, after studying ineffective martial arts for his entire life.  He has now built a decent YouTube channel for himself in which he ‘explores truth’ in martial arts, after spending a lifetime learning Aikido… of all things.  

Recently, he explored the truth in Aikido’s many knife defense techniques, and it went about as well as one might expect.  


The second sequence of moves analyzed in this video (at the 2:25 mark), isn’t allllllllll bad.  

(Just to be perfectly clear: no human on the planet would ever make the sequence work against a knife attack...)

BUT… the finishing wrist throw, "Kote Gaeshi," is actually possible to land, even within the realm of actual Mixed Martial Arts competition.  

Have a look at the one guy who has managed to pull it off…

This is the ONLY Aikido move that I’ve ever seen practically executed in a real fight, and it seems to have some value.  The dude almost took it right into an arm-bar... but sadly, he spent too much time doing Aikido

I personally would not use Kote Gaeshi to escape from a clinch, as this fighter did… and it’s debatable whether or not a major difference in strength was responsible for the move actually working.   (I can already imagine my beast of a training-partner Deonte laughing as I grope unconvincingly at his wrist).

However, assuming you have trained this move 100’s of times and built strength within the movement, it seems ideal to use against an unsuspecting opponent... perhaps some guy randomly stabbing his finger into your chest or something.

"Look here buddy…" he says, and kerplop.  Smack his head right on a barstool.  

Be advised, unless you follow the guy to the ground, he’s going to be upset… and not debilitated whatsoever. 

Throws should be seen predominantly as a means to attain a top position… not as a way of winning fights outright.

Though it is 100% possible.

Anyhow, that's all I have for today. 

Have a fantastic weekend.


P.S.  GN from Funker Tactical has responded!!!   But, he has respectfully asked that I allow him some time to finish his video response before I share it with you.

Coming soon... I hope. 

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Humans like to talk about things.

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