One life saved...

by Fight Smart!

At the and of 2018, I released the Knife Defense Mastery Course, and a couple hundred people signed up.  

(I just coincidentally put out this YouTube video to get some more people involved)

Anyhow, one of those initial folks happened to be a corrections officer in a super-max prison for the criminally insane..

...and this is the shank that one of the inmates recently used in an attempt to kill him:

And yet, he was not murdered. 

He prevailed.

And I received this email from him some time thereafter:

Hey Trav I just wanted to thank you.

I'm a correctional officer that works at a super-max for the criminally insane. I'm a team leader of four guys and basically all we do is fight. these guys are adjudicated insane, so even though they're convicts they're treated as patients we have no pepper spray no handcuffs no batons and they just let them wander around loose on the compound and basically do whatever they want, and they attack each other and staff all day long. Your knife video completely reset my thinking about knife defense, or at least everything I thought I knew.

Two weeks after I got your course and had been practicing it, I got jumped by an inmate during a cell search, and he had a nasty shank.

I used your sleeve defense and it worked perfectly! Knowing what to practice for literally made me faster, he attacked exactly the way you showed us and that I trained for, in other words he first shoved and then grabbed my shirt with his left hand and came in low on the right with the shank. your defense worked perfectly and I walked without a scratch I now teach my guys that technique and I'm pushing all of them to buy your stuff. you sent me home safe bro and I appreciate it!!!

If you want to use this comment as part of your marketing please do so just leave my name out of it due to HIPAA laws and various state laws that govern correctional officers here. they can actually fire me if this comment was connected to me. thanks again looking forward to the rest of your training.


After 2 years of non-stop testing various defenses for the most common 5 knife attacks (and after getting stabbed repeatedly with rubber knives), my work finally paid off.  

(I mean... I did technically get paid for all of that with money.  But... not karmatically.)

This has made every bruise worth it. 

So as I mentioned before, here's a YouTube video in which I introduce people to the reality of knife defense, and the many flaws of typical knife defense strategy.

If you have a chance, watch that, and potentially stab the like button.

That video should also direct you to my mini-course on the topic... which you could skip to by filling out the form on this page:

You may not work in a super-max facility for the criminally insane, but having an EFFECTIVE method to deal with a knife attack is something that you may find useful... next time someone attacks you with a sharpened piece of plastic covered in medical tape.

Enjoy... and have a fantastic corona virus... er... weekend. 


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