Punching technique... or not...

and The Wild West.

Got this today:

"Hi Trav, one question about punching technic....why do you suppose in Wing Chung the wrist snaps upward upon contact? Doesn't risk a "boxers break"? Thanks."

To respond to this question, I'd like to tell a story of the "Wild West" of martial arts...

It was 1993, and the UFC had just been formed. Martial artists of all styles rushed to an arena in the far west to prove themselves in martial showdowns... for money.

The fighters all used different 'weapons', except unbeknownst to everyone, some of the weapons, weren't even weapons at all. They were merely replicas... they looked kinda like weapons, but turned out to be useless.

It was like showing up to the Wild West, but carrying a black plastic water pistol filled with bleach... and then peeing yourself in public.

Here's the first Wing Chun 'master' representative that I remember from the Wild West of martial arts.

After a while, various forms of Kung Fu decided to stop heading so far west...


1. Why do Wing Chun fighters circle their punches back to their chests, instead of back to their jaws or faces where they would be protected?

2. Why do Wing Chun fighters hold their hands ridiculously out in front of them, unlike boxers and kick-boxers who can easily block and parry strikes?

3. Why don't we see 'traps' and the other various 'grappling while striking' techniques in the Wild West?

There is only a small amount of proof necessary, in order for me to completely disregard a system of teaching as 'tainted', much like the first time I heard a Scientologist talking about aliens in volcanoes. I just knew it wasn't for me.

So, to answer the initial question about Wing Chun knuckle safety:

It's best not to delve too deeply into the thoughts of madmen... lest you seek to become one yourself.

To cleanse your martial arts pallot:

I found a very cool fight between a professional striker, and a 'street renown' fighter. I must say, while slightly one sided, it's an impressive fight... and certainly filled with stuff that actually works. 

Here is the video.

I would give you my thoughts on the match-up... but I don't feel like typing anymore today.

This is my email. Good day.

Here's the comment section...

Humans like to talk about things.

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