Stress Testing Part 1. 

And A Guy Kicking Through 2 X 4'S

#The human body must be forced to undergo stress in order to achieve its most savage of states.

And so must my website!!!

(I have been making some performance tweaks of late... please let me know if anything breaks... like the stacks of 2 x 4's that this guy kicks through.)

I admire weapons.

I even admire the often unhealthy and destructive obsession that it takes to build them.

I'm just not sure when 'enough is enough'.  

Don't get me wrong... I loved every second of that guy kicking trees down; and his poor friends trying desperately to hold processed lumber for him to destroy.

I too, suffer to make cool videos. 

But I also love clips of random Asian folks who have trained the endure impact to the nuts.

That doesn't make it right.

One does not need to kick through wood to win... but MAN does it help to be able to throw a weapon that can't be incidentally destroyed.  

Punch a skull, break your metacarpal.

Even PALM STRIKE a skull, you may sprain your wrist.  That weapon is gone.  

But if you can kick through stacks of 2 x 4's... then the only way to defend your kick is to catch it.  

That's is quite something...

(...and it's a confidence only delivered by stress testing... just to tie this back into my theme.)

But Hey... almost any martial rabit-hole can lead you down the path to a single form of unbridled power.  

If you focus too much on that weapon, you just may fail to develop your weaknesses. 

That guy better have some good takedown defense, or he's going to feel pretty stupid if he's on his back, getting his head punched in.  

Don't get me wrong... he is awesome.  

I love the weapon. 

I admire the obsession... I even envy it.   

Just don't get lost in it. 

Save the banana trees!  

(Or perhaps kick one down so you have the video... and then go work on your Jiu Jitsu.)

Have a fantastic weekend.


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