Sweet justice...

prescribed for a case of road rage.

I've gotten soft ever since having kids.

I cry every time I watch Moana... which is basically every morning.  

I'm sensitive now. 

So, when I see a pudgy tough guy in a 'racing Subaru' block a family's vehicle on a highway, and then try to assault a Dad... I get quite angry.  

But fear not!  In this video you will see sweet, sweet justice being served.

There's only ONE real lesson to learn from this video.

Watch how quickly the Dad gets out of the car, and takes the fight to the other guy.  

If someone is aggressively approaching your vehicle,

either drive away or GET OUT.

Your greatest moment of vulnerability will always be the moment that you are exiting the vehicle.  

The guy can just front kick the door shut on your head, or on your fingers... and those corners are sharp!

Or, he can strike you while you're still mid-exit.

OR, he can just beat the crap out of your car while you're stuck inside... now that the opportunity for you to exit safely has passed. 

If aggression is coming your way, GET OUT OF THE CAR.

Look, every single punch in this video is horrible... they're both terrible, terrible fighters, and its further testament to the notion that people who act tough are usually the weakest among us.

But, I have to give the dad credit for the immediate and explosive exit from that vehicle, and having the nuts to get the job done.

As he's walking back to the car, shirtless and angry, you can see that he's damaged his hand.

Don't punch people in the skull willy-nilly. 

That's a terrible idea.  Be precise with your strikes...

I'd rather you use your hands to hold the guy down and keep him turtled up, and smash him with your knee caps.  

Knee caps don't break like knuckles. 

And for Pete's sake, try to calm down on the road. 

There might be kids in the car!

Hey... have a fantastic weekend!

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