The Greatest Jiu Jitsu Fighter...

in the History of the World

There's a young fellow named Ben Askren that you may have heard of recently!

He's a 2x national champion wrestler (with the record in single-season pins), an Olympian, AND the 'One Fighting Championship' 170 lb. champion...

He is NOT the greatest Jiu Jitsu fighter to ever live.

Not even close... but he is in today's video.  

He was, however, recently traded to the UFC in exchange for Demetrious Johnson... the best flyweight champion ever.

I bring this up only to point out that Ben Askren is a champion... and a notable champion, considering the caliber of this trade (and his many accomplishments.)

At some point, he had the opportunity to do some Jiu Jitsu with this friendly and unassuming fellow:

THAT... is Marcello Garcia.  

He is a five time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champ.

He is a four time ADCC submission fighting champ. 

He looks like the fuzzy fellow who hands me hot dogs from my favorite Greek food cart.

He is the greatest submission fighter to ever live.

Watch this footage from Ben Askren and Marcello Garcia's Jiu Jitsu training session.

I'm pretty sure I counted 1,528 guillotines in a 7 minute training session... and the guy who he destroyed is an OLYMPIAN.  He is an MMA CHAMPION.

I'm certainly not saying that Marcello would dominate the world of MMA...

I am merely encouraging you to be a student of the individual arts that comprise the system.

Seek greatness from the greatest.

I'll tell you right now, after finding this clip, I'm about to go on a 2 month long guillotine bender.

I have never seen anyone use that move so effectively in my life... and he wasn't even trying. 

Find the 'greatest' in each realm of the arts, and pull weapons from their arsenal.  

This should be the fundamental basis for the vast majority of fighting styles.  

Have a great weekend!


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