The Invisible Elbow...

Newsletter - September 29th, 2023

When I first watched this video, I had already seen that it was titled, "The Invisible Elbow".

Despite looking out for, "The Invisible Elbow" while proceeding to watch the video, I still didn't see it on the first watch.

So I thought to myself, "Holy crap, that really is an invisible elbow."

And now here we are.

In truth, I see a lot of crazy techniques, thanks to the sharing nature of my loyal readers (please keep the clips coming you glorious beasts).

But, this might be the first time that I watched a technique and said to myself, "Wow... I never would have thought of that."

Sure... there's many times when I think, "Wow... I would tear every muscle attached to my general junk area," but that's completely different type of self doubt.

This video is a flex of brain elasticity... 200 IQ stuff.

Check it out, and perhaps your elbows will also become invisible.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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