The Lateral Slam...

Bringing The Slambit Home

As we conclude our little recurring segment about slamming people, I'd like to introduce one of the highest percentage slams at our disposal.  

I'm sure it has a name that I'm supposed to know, but I'm not Googling "the throw where you pick the guy up and sorta rotate him until he falls on his head" and sorting through the nonsense.  

It's apparently a great throw to use if you're in a legitimate sword fight, but don't feel like using a sword.

The preferred throw of pirates perhaps?  Yar.  Assuming yar means yes.  

In truth, this throw ended up on my radar when Tito Ortiz started using it to dominate an entire division.

Unfortunately for Tito, Randy Couture eventually ended up in that division... and the fun stopped. 

The same method can obviously be used if you've taken the guy's back, with almost any feasible body lock.

This is possibly my favorite example.

Based on the sheer prevalence of this move being used in MMA in comparison to suplexes and such, we can infer that this move either has a higher success rate, or perhaps just takes less flexibility or fewer physical gifts to execute effectively. 

I'm not sure... but if anyone can tell me what the heck this move is called, I'll try to dig up the best lesson on it. 

In the mean time, this is just about all of the glorious slamming that I have planned to share with you.

At least for now...

Have a fantastic weekend!


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