The most epic battles in the history of fisticuffs...

Today's video displays highlights from the greatest fight trilogy to ever happen....... BUT FIRST...  a preamble:

I can't watch 'fight' movies.  I cringe as I watch actors try to punch... marveling at how they take 6 months to get their 'abs' in order, but can't take 5 minutes to learn how to throw a hook without slapping flamboyantly.

Girlish punching (no offense to any feminists reading this) makes 'legendary' fight scenes considerably less-than-legendary. 

(That said, I kinda liked the movie "Warrior"... but I'm uncomfortable about how much my wife likes Tom Hardy.)

Anyhow, one such disastrous movie example was "The Fighter"... the story of Micky Ward.  

Mark Wallberg didn't play Micky Ward terribly, but the honest truth is that Micky Ward fought in some of the most epic fights in the history of mankind.  

"The Fighter" had the opportunity to recreate that awesomeness, yet even with special effects and camera work... it failed miserably.  It's a dramatic movie, yet dramatically less dramatic than the real version of those fights.

So today, I will pay homage to the best fight trilogy in the history of boxing... Micky Ward vs. Arturo Gatti 1, 2, and 3.... a fight series so epic that they should have just taken cuts from real fight footage and let Marky Mark sit in a room and do sit-ups.  

(Side note:  I like Mark Wallberg... and I'm sorry for calling him Marky Mark because I know he doesn't like that... but the joke stays.)  

You want to see how epic this trilogy was?  Watch these highlights.

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