The most perfect counter-strike ever.

Newsletter - December 22nd, 2023

Every now and again, it’s possible for us mortals to see through the fabric of the fight matrix, without actually being Neo

Indeed, we can sense our enemies position and riddle him with fist-bullets through his drywall-like defenses.

We can sniff out our opponent’s courtroom arguments before they’re made, much like Kevin Lomax in the Devil’s advocate.

While this metaphor has crumbled it relates to today’s topic, my appreciation for Keanu Reeves and Counter-Striking remain at an all time high.

I recently came upon this clip, and it might be the single greatest counter-strike to ever occur in professional combat sports.

For those who might ask, I would personally never throw a "Rolling Thunder" kick.

99% of the time it doesn't land. This leaves you on the ground with everyone laughing at you.

In the 1% of the cases where it does land, 99% of the time, the guy isn't knocked out. This leaves you with everyone (except one person) laughing at you, and that one person is now angry.

And you're on the ground.

But if you DO land it... you end up in my newsletter, so I leave it up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

Now if you're looking for something simpler, please enjoy this clip of Vasyl Lomachenko, and his ridiculously speedy jab counters.

It doesn't get simpler... but also remarkably impressive.

(Of course, you can learn such things in The Head Movement Training Program, which makes for an excellent digital Christmas stocking stuffer.)

Happy Holidays, my friend!



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