The Slam Gambit...

For the past 6 years, my right knee has been a pile of hot garbage.

As a result, if I wanted a takedown, I could only "shoot" with my left leg in front.

Due to a series of recent knee injuries, my LEFT knee has also degraded into an additional pile of...

My joints are absolutely overflowing with hot garbage.  

So I have two options:

1.  Sacrifice 20 years of Jiu Jitsu training and refuse to take people down where they can easily be submitted.

2.  I can learn how to slam people with various suplexes and stuff!


After a careful assessment of my existing athletic ability, pursuing a life of highlight reel slams is my chosen course of action.

Currently, I am in the research phase of this process, as suplexes have not been an active part of my arsenal.  

I need to see how these techniques are set up and used in high level martial arts competition.

Today, I will be sharing a few of the most wonderfully horrible examples of this.  

The first variation is the "German Suplex"

...and it's executed when you're facing your opponent's back with a 'bear hug' of sorts.

This is by far my favorite example of this technique.

As you can see, you are perfectly set up for repeated slams if you keep your grip.... and this would be a NIGHTMARE on concrete.  

The second variation is the "Belly To Belly Suplex"

Rustam Khabilov (from the last video) might have broken his opponent's neck with this one

He is the suplex machine that I now strive to become.  The guy just grabs a double-underhook position (two arms underneath his opponents arms) and slams them on their heads.  

In my assessment, these techniques are not as complicated as a typical 'shot' based takedowns.  With the right strength and flexibility, I believe that they can be done by all.  

But, it's important to note that belly to belly suplexes can be hit from "Double Overhooks" as well...

This is where the Gambit comes into play.  In chess, a "Gambit" implies that you are baiting someone to take a piece, so that you can capitalize on it later.  A sacrifice is made, so that your trap can be set.  

In MMA, getting double under-hooks is usually a major advantage in the takedown game...

In this case, we can bait our opponent to take "Double Underhooks" so that we can suplex them from a "Double Overhook" position.  

By sacrificing the stronger position, we can attain "The Slam Gambit".  

After all, his arms will be trapped by your overhooks... resulting in a disgusting slam. John Jones effortlessly performed on Stephan Bonner.

Here's another honorable mention from the over-hook position.

So let's talk action! 

How do we do it? 

The first step in this process is to get your spine and hips flexible enough to bust out this range of motion... so I've personally been spending a lot of time on the ol' Yoga ball.

Our backs could always use a little more work, so until the next episode, try to spend at least 60 seconds building a "back bend" form of flexibility every day... no matter what your access to Yoga Balls or yellow bikinis might be.  

It will probably take several weeks to get where we need to go, but I for one am going to get there.

And then... we shall continue to build.

Have a fantastic week!


P.S.  Here's Rampage with another fantastic German Suplex.

I have many more... but will keep them in the reservoir for now.

Here's the comment section...

Humans like to talk about things.

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