The Slip

The Slip - This might be the most important lesson in the entire Fight Smart Training Program.  This technique gives you the quickest, and least-energy-consuming way to make your opponents punch miss entirely.  This leaves him off balance, wasting energy, and easily smashed with a counter-attack.  This lesson builds off of a technique called the "Shoulder Pop" which I mention in the Uppercuts video above, but I'm not sure that you need to watch the video above in order to absorb all of this.

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RearSlipThe Rear Slip

This is a fantastic way to make a punch miss, and it will work on any punch. The only drawback is that most times, you’re not in a good position to counter-punch after you make the guy miss. However, if you check out the “Fadeaway Hook” lesson immediately beneath this video, you can execute a rear slip, and then put your opponent to sleep easily.