Using slips to close distance...

bare knuckle.

Last week, I showed you how Tyson Fury uses the slip game to maintain his distance, so he can pelt people with his freakishly long arms... and freakishly massive hands.

(My buddy Chris (to Tyson's left) wears XL rubber gloves when washing his dishes... to put the term 'freakishly massive hands' into perspective for you.)


That fantastic display of the "Tall Guy Game" prompted many folks to wonder about the shorter side of the metaphorical fight-stick!

To defeat a larger opponent, you must get inside the bigger guy's range... at which point, you can drop some bombs.  

This requires a completely different series of 'Slips' and 'Distance Closing' Movements', which are not featured in Tyson Fury's style.

One might refer to this as the 'Short Guy Game'...

But in reality, it transcends size.

(I'm 6'2" and I just can't get enough of slipping in close, and winging haymakers.)

That said, if I was 5' 10" or shorter, this method would be the absolute crux of my style...

...and Tyler Goodjohn is a fantastic example of how this game is played.

Bare Knuckle.  

Click this link to watch him work...

He's certainly not smaller than his opponent, but you can clearly see his game.  

When he slips, he steps forward. 

When he punches after his slips, he moves even further forward. 

His entire style is based on closing distance (while moving his head), dropping bombs, and returning back to safety. 

Simple moves.   

After all, he blasted this guy in the head with a simple 'Straight Slip' to the right, followed by a right cross... at least ten times.

It doesn't have to be complicated.  

He also used countless Straight Slip to the left, followed by a U-Slip back to the right... a simple 'slip combo'.

He would often step forward on both of these slips... closing distance while being hard to hit.

Step 1.  Slip punches to close distance

Step 2.  Drop bombs


Watch the video, and see if you can identify any of his other movement patterns...

If they work this well against professional bare knuckle fighters, you better believe that they would work fantastically well in the street. 

Pick 3 or 4 of these patterns, and do 100 reps.  

Perhaps you'll build something useful... regardless of your height!

And hey... have a fantastic weekend!


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