When being 'Crazy' leaves you snoring...

(because you've been choked to sleep)

Last week I sent out a highlight reel of a gentleman known as the "Crazy Horse"... and if you didn't see it, you missed an epic display of people getting picked up off the ground and slammed into things... much to their dismay.

Here's a link to that video (if you haven't watched it)

That said, there's nothing quite like 'ninja mode'... in which skill and intelligence reign supreme.  This is the finest of modes... because it rewards those of use who practice and think during a fight.

Today's video is a prime example of ninja mode.

This video takes place in a Pride Fighting Championship warmup room, in which Vanderlei Silva loosens up... looking like a half-human killer primate.

Suddenly, on the sidelines, a dispute breaks out between Crazy Horse (watching TV) and Cristiano Marcello... apparently a pretty savvy Jiu Jitsu guy.

There was only one channel available... so I don't know what they could have possibly been fighting about. 

Moments later, fists are flying, and Crazy Horse is pounding down on Marcello from a top position.

HOWEVER, Mr. Horse is wearing a long sleeved shirt... and there's nothing that Jiu Jitsu guys love more than tying you up in your own clothing.

This video is a testament to the efficacy of 'GI' Jiu Jitsu... use whatever is available to you... especially stuff like sleeves and clothing to pull people into your chokes.

After all... being "Crazy" doesn't help when you're sleeping.

Here's the video.

Here's the comment section...

Humans like to talk about things.

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