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Newsletter - August 29th, 2023

As a martial artist and coach, you'll probably never find someone who puts more emphasis on the importance of technique.

(Tiger Woods didn't drive the ball 498 yards because he was jacked... it was all technique.)

Setting my inner martial artist aside, as a shameless meathead, POWER calls to me the same way that Tiger's eyes are calling to our wives... and every stripper in the United States.

Now, the best way to destroy the billionaire celebrities trying to steal our women is obviously a combination of BOTH technique and power, but sometimes a main course of power with a tiny side dish of technique is sufficiently devastating.

(Btw everything is fine in my marriage.)

There are few finer examples of technique prevailing over power like the Royce Gracie's finish of Dan Severn in UFC 4 via triangle choke... as the 170 pound fighter submitted a 260 pound greco roman champion.

But when Quinton Jackson was caught in a similar triangle choke, while also having his jaw dislocated by upkicks, he got a little upset, and decided to resort to some good ol' fashioned explosive power.

In this video, he tells the story behind the most brutal slam finish in MMA history... and we get to behold it's unrelenting glory.

While I would love to share the entire fight with you, I'm only coming up with some crappy ring-side cell phone video. So, if you want to watch that, you can click here to do so.

I'm about to be late for Jiu Jitsu, so I am unable to proof read this email.




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