The Sasumata Pole

A Marvelous Anti-Knife Tool

(and the power of team-work)

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  • amazing tool but would enough people in the west actually have it on them I can see the Chinese are trained to use it thanks

  • This kinda shows why the spear is the king of melee weapons, due to the reach and the piercing damage. Especially when a Shaolin monk is wielding it.

  • The sasumata has come back into modern use after the 2001 Osaka massacre and will prob be pushed into public consciousness again after the recent horrific 19 murders at a disabled facility in 2016 – these are marketed to schools in Japan and similar facilities and training is done just the same as fire drills are – lets hope they dont have to use them!

  • We could probably do with the shopkeepers in Dale End & Bull St, Birmingham having these. We’ve had two stabbings there in just a few months, & this is a city centre shopping area.

  • Wanna know what would make those things even better? If thoes poles could also electrocut him like a taser. That would be awesome

  • I would like to know how the tool came about and how it was implemented to the general public on how to use it?

  • That’s cool that they stopped him, but I feel like ths i just a lucky case. The fact that that many people all had those with them was a lucky convenience.

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