The Sasumata Pole

A Marvelous Anti-Knife Tool

(and the power of team-work)

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  • I expected to see some dazzling kung fu, but this is more effective, and safer. Dangerous situation but nobody got hurt – impressive.

  • what’s with the siren ?? in the background? just for effect??
    don’t chinese cops do mace/tazer??
    never mind just shoot the SOB dead??

  • I would modify the device to act like the ASP the police here use but in reverse. You get the attacker against a wall like they did in the video than collapse the “U” down to an appropriate size, move to throat and put perp to sleep.
    Or mail order some pepper spray or a taser from the good ol U S of A.
    Good one Trav!

  • Surprised the cops didn’t just take the a**h*** behind the church and pop him. But I suppose that would be too much of a spectacle – much better done behind closed doors in the jailhouse.

  • Very Impressive!

    Subduing a violent man with a deadly weapon in a non-lethal manner!

    Very Impressive!

    One of ur better videos. Thx for Sharon.

    • China has the heavily censored “Three-Self Patriotic Movement,” and as far as I understand it, some designated places for more traditional Christian worship that are government-approved only for use by foreigners, and not by Chinese.

  • That was awesome. They used perfect teamwork. People actually working together for the common good instead of 99% of the people pulling out cell phones. Great share Trav!!!

  • I think this video should be called “ONLY IN CHINA”
    I’d like to see more scenarios. Looked very dangerous for those subduing the knife wielding man.

    I love Chinese enginuity.

    That was a hardware solution for a software problem, governments really need to help more in the mental health arena.

    Let’s tjink about what got that guy there in the first place.

  • This needs to be shown to the British Government, where knife crime is out of control.

    Presumably these could not be used as an offensive weapon, therefore no need to worry about making them ubiquitous.

  • That was amazing to watch. So elegantly simple and effective. Interesting that first there would need to be an acknowledgement of the issue or problem publicly. That will be difficult here in Australia where politically we are all told we are safe from any of this. Next the public needs to be willing to be involved ACTIVELY. This is frowned upon by the law enforcement and politicians for many reasons. China with its population and culture is very different. Good for them and sad for us. Carrying knives or weapons or defensive means is also an issue. Weapons are understandable perhaps, but defensive items would often be considered as a weapon by police should a person be hurt by their use. Whatever, this is an amazing insight into what is possible when people pull together.

  • You don’t need a silly/funny looking pole to just get all in your way. All you need is be a REAL MAN or WOMAN and use this new Form of Martial Arts I’ve invented. It’s a little bit of AMERIDOTE from the Great Master Ken. Also a dab of Pressure Point Killing by Master Dillman, with whatever the hell the Great Steven Segal does. Topped off with the most Effective and Dangerous Martial Arts known to man, The Jedi Master Mind Control Invisible Power No Touch Punching & Kicking. If interested in learning this Wonderful Matial Art. Just contact ME, The Love Machine!!!

  • The sasumata are pretty interesting. They are widely used now in Japanese schools. And the NYPD has a version called a “Y-bar.”
    But they seem to have fallen into disuse in NYC since Tasers became more popular.
    But what caught my eye in this video were those small rectangular shields. Anyone know what they’re called? The folks using them seemed to have received some basic training in their use.

  • amazing tool but would enough people in the west actually have it on them I can see the Chinese are trained to use it thanks

  • This kinda shows why the spear is the king of melee weapons, due to the reach and the piercing damage. Especially when a Shaolin monk is wielding it.

  • The sasumata has come back into modern use after the 2001 Osaka massacre and will prob be pushed into public consciousness again after the recent horrific 19 murders at a disabled facility in 2016 – these are marketed to schools in Japan and similar facilities and training is done just the same as fire drills are – lets hope they dont have to use them!

  • We could probably do with the shopkeepers in Dale End & Bull St, Birmingham having these. We’ve had two stabbings there in just a few months, & this is a city centre shopping area.

  • Wanna know what would make those things even better? If thoes poles could also electrocut him like a taser. That would be awesome

  • That’s cool that they stopped him, but I feel like ths i just a lucky case. The fact that that many people all had those with them was a lucky convenience.