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Newsletter - June 28th, 2024

As a guy who knows a thing or two about head movement, it is my duty to inform you when new folks pop up showcasing insane defensive skills

I'm like a DJ who shows you new violent gifs instead of new crappy music.

Nevertheless, the elusive fellow above is Ben Whittaker, and while he's only 6 and 0 in the world of professional boxing, his awesomeness far exceeds his record. Here's a clip of this guy in action, which you will surely enjoy.

Two things that I notice when watching him fight:

1. When you start having fun in a fight, you unlock a completely different energy. That energy allows you to flow into savagery with giggles in your heart... and this might truly be the 'ultimate' fighting state.

2. When Whittaker 'rear slips' or pulls his head back from a hook, he never forgets to twist his head, in an effort to 'roll' with the potentially incoming punch.

It might not look great if the punch makes contact... in fact, it looks like your opponent is knocking your chin over your own shoulder. But if you're already twisting your own head before the point of impact, the acceleration of your skull when the punch hits is significantly lessened, thus reducing the concussive effect.

It looks like you got hit hard... but doesn't FEEL like you got hit hard. It's both the ugliness and beauty of the technique.

Nevertheless, feel free to peruse YouTube for more of his stuff.

I honestly haven't seen anyone fighting like this since Emmanuel Augustus was originally deemed 'The Drunken Master'.

Floyd Mayweather deemed Augustus to be the toughest fight that he ever had...

But despite the spectacular nature of these fighters, refs always seem to haaaaaate them.

The judges certainly hated Emmanuel Augustus... never has a fighter been more robbed by an old pile of grey haired grumps, simply because they couldn't appreciate the beauty of his flow.

It's like when I'm the only guy crushing it on the dance floor at a wedding, and all people can think about is robbing my car keys.

Let me liiiiiiiiive!

That is all. Enjoy your weekend!



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