Emanuel Augustus Highlights

'Drunkenly' Taking Care of Business

  • These vids of Emanuel made my son ask me if he could meet him. Lol. They put me in a great mood. Thanks for sharing these.

  • This guy is the most entertaining boxer I’ve ever seen. He’s probably much less fun if you’re the guy he’s punching.

  • It still thrills me at my ripe old 71 years to see fighters so mobile and active. Augustus, Tyson, Lerdsila, Locche, Calzaghe. These men are legendary for their ability to frustrate their opponents. Movement will save your life and it doesn’t take much to slip that first punch in a street altercation and deliver a knockout shot that shows you are not to be taken lightly. Old men are dangerous because they have no ego.

  • No No NO. Not this one. Play the one you Dubbed ( I think it was they Call me Jackson.) That Music set with what group of fighting clips was SO Great ,,, I think of it many times. Let me download it, if you still have it. so I can have it on hand

    • Dude… I know. But that got pulled from YouTube, or taken down as ‘Private’.

      I really need to download those clips before I sent out the newsletter.

      I’ve learned my lesson.

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