Adrenaline Is Meant To Move You

A Look Into The Mind Of David Goggins

  • Like it. This can apply to anything a bit scary like being on stage as a muso or a comedian. (I’m a muso and doing a comedy set for charity).

  • So Interesting! I got inspired! Thank you!
    P.s. u r funny “..flowing like the cheap wine at mamas house..”!

  • Thanks for this. I signed up for his podcast. This is really great information, Trav. As a Biology/Chemistry major, I’ve always been fascinated by neuroscience. Behavior first has gotten me into a lot of trouble! But, if it’s done right, it makes a lot of sense especially the “freeze phenomenon”. It’s happened to me. They key is to recognize it, embrace it as a matter of fact and deal with it – do something. Again, this is really good info and I will be checking out more from Dr. Huberman.

  • Hmm…maybe it’s time to start moving forward even if it’s out of my comfort zone. That’s for my little brain took from this anyway lol.

  • Truly an impressive person. His book, Can’t Hurt Me, is a must read book (the uncensored version, of course). He is truly an incredible person and inspires the reader to push your limits daily…to live your life in that uncomfortable zone. Thanks for the clip.

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