Another Potential Drop Seoi Nage Murder

The streets are hard. Literally.

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Humans like to talk about things.

  • Using the ground to punch your opponent in the face works every time. Not trying to be overly critical or anything but I think it’s called (spelled) Shihō-nage.

  • Call that a fight? An assault needing defence? So no examples of this judo move actually working in the street then. Is it good for rucks in a bar or on thestreet [where multiple attackers are common]? NO.

    • It wasn’t a fight because the little guy ended before it became one, and as far as self defence, if a bigger guy has a hold of you and is trying to dominate you when does it become self defence, after you get beat up. And it looked to me like it was in the street, and it worked in that situation. I really don’t get your point.

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