Bike Thief Method #2


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  • Issara

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    “Rides pretty good though,” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jim

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    I preferred the first guy’s approach 👍

  • randal brewer

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    very best way to handle it that guy i a solid citizen also i liked the way you dealtwith your little boy when he didnt take to the martial arts training immediately you can prob get him started later he needs it some people we encounter in life will require sterner measures

  • espelta

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    so thief name was rob… And Last name?

    • Bryan

      Reply Reply August 31, 2019

      Last name Burr

  • Russ

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    Real Truth my brother: “EMPATHY actually makes the world a better place.”

    Too many time I’ve fought just because I thought it was required as a man.

    But it’s better to be true to ourself. Be good, do right!

    Always appreciate your insights (and humor). Hope you and family have a fantastic weekend as well, Trav!


  • Jasen

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    Trav, thanks for sharing this. It’s always good to be reminded the importance of placing personal values over the simple ability to hand out punishment.
    One consideration… I don’t think we can really control our emotions (I’ve seen plenty of adults throw tantrums as intense as any of my kids) but we can always choose to control our actions in response to them.
    This guy is pissed, which was not a choice. He chooses actions, however, that express his values and anger in a constructive way rather than a destructive one.

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    Rob Steele?

  • David M Doyle

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    Trav,,, I can believe what my eyes are seeing bro,,,,,! lol

  • Mikester

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    A flying butt slam for each hour you borrow it over the loan period.

  • Mitch

    Reply Reply August 30, 2019

    I don’t think emotions are a choice, at least not the initial response, but how you handle them is. The nice guy in the shop was angry too, but he chose to calm himself down and do something different. In the same situation I hope I wouldn’t have assaulted the guy on camera, but definjtely would have let him make his own way to work and taken the bike.

  • James Heath

    Reply Reply August 31, 2019

    Congratulations, Trav, children have completed the work begun in you by your wonder working Wife.

    Its a good thing for a Man to find a Wife.

    • Matthew

      Reply Reply August 31, 2019

      True brother. I can attest to that.

    • Stephen

      Reply Reply September 8, 2019


  • John HardingI

    Reply Reply September 1, 2019

    I would have taken the bike home with me, dude can walk.

  • Joseph Savage

    Reply Reply September 2, 2019

    Thanks for sharing this. It is nice to know there are a few good people left in the world. I still don’t trust the “borrowee” – he never apologized or thanked the guy that I noticed. If I were to do a deal with the guy, I would want him to prove his identity and I would give him a definite time limit. Still, the bike owner is a guy I’d have a beer with any day.

  • jonesy

    Reply Reply September 3, 2019

    Well that de-escalated quickly….

  • Charlie

    Reply Reply September 3, 2019

    I am like, wtf? The bike owner is like, uh, crazy? You stole my bike, I will make you eat it so that you shit handlebars. Dammit.

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