Buakaw Banchamek

The Perfect Stylistic Combination... Perhaps

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  • Why aren’t some of these guys competing in the UFC? (I have no idea how the business side of the fight game works). Some of them seem like they would go on a tear!

  • Left leg, cemetery, right leg, cemetery. How the hell does anyone hope to beat this guy, they should just give him every title until he gets bored and agrees to go away, for the safety of his competitors.

  • Jesus, what a beast. If somebody put a gun to my head and made me fight, I think I literally would rather get in the ring with Anderson Silva than this guy… Alot of those guys look as though they might have sustained permanent injuries. The very first guy took a lot of punishment and kept going somehow. Ouch!

  • Gifted fighter, without a doubt, but did it seem that he’s a bit of a dick to his training partners? “Thanks for holding that pad while I tore off 20 rib cracking kicks… now I’ll kick you in the head.”

  • Thanx much. Your courses show how to train to develop these skills & more. Outside of the deadliest & dirtiest street fighting (TFT) you have the best training.

  • They could learn bjj or jutsu moves.
    Their cardio alone would set them up well.
    And what devastating kicking power.

    Great video. I’m in awe.

  • Totally dominant. Which makes it hard to figure out what happened when he lost to Sato because he just put his hands down and stood there. Maybe he was 100% gassed. Or was it a fix? Or was that his way of demanding to retire?

  • WOW!! That guys a strait beast, it doesn’t look like your ground game needs to be all that great with a style like that. I’d hate to go in and try taking him down from the legs and catch one of those kicks straight to the face.

  • Buakaw is a master of this art. his external and internal strength. i am lost for word everytime. his dedication is a journey that only a few will understand. very admirable.