Canelo Working Some Power periodic bursts.

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    • Could I suggest breathing control as you progress from one to multiple power strikes in succession? Conserve energy but keep the lungs “topped up” untill power is best spent. Just incase combat goes jujitsu groundbased.

  • Excellent vid, Trav. The HB workout requires remembering some demons to sporadically “smesh.” Intermittently doubling up, even tripling up with increasing power followed by escaping head movement might seem to be an option.

    • Double/triple up with breathing being controlled… Aye, devastating. Gonna work on that more. Kudos

      • Good point on the breathing/energy conservation. Don’t hold your breath. Be loose (“flow like water” Bruce Lee) and not so tense until contact is made. The contact patch is the first two knuckles and the wrist is flat from the forearm to the top of the clenched fist.

  • Wise movement, shows experience. Rotate around the target keeps you in control of the battlefield dynamics. Nice energy conservation with on/off power employed. Kudos sir! Btw, I’m 50 at 125 pounds and have endured many streetfights using this philosophy.

  • I would not like to be on the receiving end of those power purchases… They have bad intent written all over them!

  • It seems he is only training hooks as power punches. And yes, they are powerful. Only in the beginning of the footage I see some power right crosses. I see his elbow is angled at about 135° when he hits the bag with a cross. What is the best angle to hit with a cross?

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