Chris Leben Gets Punched A Lot

And doesn't fall over.

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  • Did he ever fight and win against fighters that knew how to fight well and effectively?
    Seems like he has a horribly sloppy brawl, hit or miss, get lucky type of style.

  • Thanks trav man keep under advicement ” breathe son” said my dad a million times, his dad was a combative trainer so the longer the fight the worst the result so finish fast?

  • The fight against Terry Martin where he got rocked badly and stumbled back against the cage, Martin wasted a half second throwing his arms out and taunting Leben, and that’s all Chris needed. You can watch his face change after the taunt, as he wades forward, eats another shot, then lowers the BOOM on Martin. Crazy fight.

  • I respect him as a fighter, but if your specialty is getting hit a lot and surviving, it seems like it would be a setup for a short career.

  • Leben brought a little bit of WWF to the UFC. He could take a punch, funny though how when Anderson knocked him out it looked like he barely jabbed him.