Defeating The Philly Shell

And Tale of Julio Caesar Chaves vs Roger Mayweather

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  • brilliant fighter both boxers no quarter asked none given kin of sad seening Roger Mayweather being taken apart but he done it to countless other allways new fighter new techniques coming up through the boxing ranks good informative vide thanks

  • Gotta give Trav props again so I can get these videos sent to my other email. Seriously bro thank you for your work, you are one of the few people I like seeing emails from, this video is quality, I always was infatuated with Mayweather’s style.

  • You could see Mayweather going Limp as the fight wore on, unable to counter Chavez’s Stiff jabs. Right to the end when Chavez revealed the true source of his stamina, Pounding his Manhood while on his trainer’s shoulders. That same stamina is available to you now for just five easy payments of $49.95, for our Brand New Chavez Robot Boner Pills!

  • Lmfao that last line had me rolling. So if i wanna beat anyone using a Philly Shell i must undergo a brain transplant into a clone Chavez right? No expeience or training or anything else needed? Hell yeah, sign me up. While we’re at it, lets just ditch the brain as well and then hell, ill be Julio Cezar Chavez baby!!!

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