How To Fight Multiple Attackers

Welcome To The Program!

Welcome to the program... let's get right down to business.

First things first, if you need some help with the Basics...

I have gathered up a series of very important initial lessons for you... and not all of these are "basic".  I teach you the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and roundhouse... step by step, but also teach you how to unlock every ounce of power in each technique. You will also learn tips for a good stance, distancing fundamentals, and how to control fear during a fight... all essential stuff that should not be overlooked.

I would recommend that you take a look through this section before starting the course, so you can be sure you're up to speed with your basic strikes and such.

Striking Foundations

This page will give you the foundation that you need to build your fighting skills.  The details in these lessons should be kept in mind with every strike that you throw, and every step that you take.

On to the real program!

Now you might have seen these first three videos already, but if you haven't, you need to watch them.  They set the premise for our entire strategy:

sales-1 YouTube.00_04_45_03.Still006Using the Clinch to Fight Multiple Attackers

This video will show you how to use the Muay Thai clinch as your primary technical base when fighting multiple opponents.

fma-sales-2.00_05_09_18.Still002Building A Savage Clinch... and other stuff

In addition to building a savage clinch, I believe this video will teach you how to throw the most powerful strike in the history of mankind.

sales-3.00_06_34_20.Still004Primary Positioning and Stopping Sucker Punches

This video will make you aware of some incredibly important decisions that you need to make both before and during the fight, and you'll also be able to stop sucker punches with positioning.

Ok, now let's backtrack... or forward-track and start building some technique.

The first lesson in the course is on how to throw a proper "straight knee".  There's a ton of Golden information in this video... so try to remember everything that you can!

fma-straight-knees.00_01_15_26.Still003Straight Knees... to death.

This lesson ended up being a library of knee related information and video stupidity.   Somehow, this video took me days upon days to do over.  I think I got a little carried away on this 'knee seminar'... of sorts.

The "Rude Awakening"

This is a series of charge stopping attacks from the "How to Fight Bigger People Program.  The 3rd attack in this video is a battering ram style knee that will cripple your opponent if landed.  It's this specific style of knee that you want to throw off of your "Angle Drags".

You will also learn a huge elbow, and some other stuff... enjoy.

Now let's focus on some attacks from the clinch... you can do some major damage with these:

Hooking Knees

Unlike your straight knees, these are meant to attack the sides of your opponent's body and head.  With the right direction, these can easily result in "liver knockouts", and thus end fights quickly.

With more than enough weapons to hurt people badly, let's start fending off the 'running' attacker... which I think I also refer to as the 'punching' attacker.  I should work on my consistency.

Kicking From The Clinch

When it comes to Fighting Multiple Attackers, this is a staple in your arsenal.  You will learn the finer points of this technique, and also how it works magically with other techniques in the strategy for a seamless flow between moves.

Now the following technique might not be all that great for this strategy...

I'll let you be the judge.  Maybe if you're just letting go of the clinch... or feeling ballsy.

Elbowing From The Clinch

This is pretty self-explanatory, but there are some very important details in this lesson... without a doubt.

Now, it's time for some hard work.

Clinch Pommeling and Sparring

Ahhh... the finer points of the clinch game.  This is where you will learn how to fight for a clinch against an experienced opponent, and where you will first start doing real "work" to build the skills that you want.  (Knees are fun... they don't count as work).

And now a lesson with a better name than it probably deserves.

The 10 Points of Knee Attack

The title makes this lesson sound way more epic than it actually is.  These are the "options" you have when throwing knees, and a couple basic ways to sneak in some strikes.

Training For Functional Knees

This lesson is about some important things to keep in mind during your training, and will also give you some pad holder information/variations for your partner training.

Rampage Blocking Into A Clinch

The natural back-and-forth flow of a Rampage Block can be used to send you smoothly into your clinch if you pay attention to this lesson.

One Handed Clinch Combos

This is a basic lesson on how you can start grabbing clinches with one hand, and also flowing from punching combinations into your clinch.  We will undoubtedly elaborate on this later in the course...

Now look, currently this is a weekly course... meaning, 7 days from the day that you bought this thing, a new batch of lessons will be unlocked for you.

This might make you grumpy and bitter, but it's for your own good.

In a story about the Russian olympic Judo team, it's fabled that the competitors were not allowed to attempt a throw in competition until they had already executed it 10,000 times in practice.

Ten Thousand.

Repetition is what makes you good at things... at least physical things.  Right now you already have months of training to do before you could even theoretically approaching "mastery" all of the techniques above.

If you think I'm full of crap, post a video of yourself doing one of the techniques, and I'll probably be able to pick out 5 things that you can potentially do better.  This is a great way to learn btw, and I encourage you to do so... make a damn video!

For right now, pick ONE video from above, take the technique that you learned and execute it 100 times in your normal stance on the right side, and then 100 times on the left.  Then switch your stance and do it again... 100 and 100.  400 total reps in every feasible stance and direction.

That will get you better, but you'd still be a long way away from "competition ready" by Russian olympic standards... not that I give a shit about the Russian olympic team, I'm just sayin'.

You may be be physically tired before you finish training the techniques in the first video (especially since the Rude Awakening has 3 different moves... and a PDF workout underneath it).

Anyhow, enjoy the first week, and let me know if you have any questions 😉

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