Funker Tactical Has Called Me Out!?

How dare he.

Here's the comment section...

Humans like to talk about things.

  • I see what you mean about an argument you didn’t make. I will say though that after watching a whole battery of knife attacks on ASP the drills they show don’t address how people actually try to kill someone using a knife and knife versus knife usually ends up with both people stabbed to shit. Having said that of the videos knife versus knife was rare to say the least, but I digress. Flow drills are drills after all.

  • Tacticool guys who train police are just forging the bonds of their children sooner. They call themselves freedom fighters but Heaven knows they are only mercenaries fighting for the attorneys and banksters. The thing that scares cops the most is getting a real job in what is left of the private sector. PUBLIC TROUGH is an easier way and in Animal Farm the Pigs eventually became what everyone initially feared. OINK! OINK! Honor your Oath!

  • All I hear in this not-call-out is “Train, train, train” and “train some more.”

    And if we ever get involved in a fight, 99.9% of it isn’t going to be coming from trained operators of any flavor, it’s going to be angry people who lost their temper…

  • I don’t see how you have thrown these particular guys under the bus. They are approaching the problem the same way you are. You have challenged a different classification of techniques, ones that rely heavily on the opponent holding the knife out in a limp hand waiting for you to act.

  • Their tactics are solid and they’re training method appears good. But since it’s nothing like the fake tactics you were calling out, I’m kinda lost about what exactly, they are calling you out for… I’m thinking they didn’t actually watch your video, lol.

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