Hooking The Leg... to not die.

Newsletter - May 17th, 2024

Moves that can save your spine without practicing them are pretty rare... but I believe that this email contains one of them. (don't click that yet)

Most fighting styles have some kind of solution for what are considered the 'common attacks'.

Surely we must be able to counter the 'street bully' techniques that are wielded in playgrounds and women's self defense videos globally!

While we may not agree on the... uh... "feasibility" of these defenses, we can surely agree that being lifted off of the ground by your head and neck is a problem.

Even a body-lock or "bear hug" can result in you getting slammed on your head.

I present to you Exhibit A... which (you might have guessed) is a video of a guy getting picked up and slammed on his big ol' head.

That could have easily been prevented.

I also present to you Exhibit B... because we're talking about people getting slammed on their heads, and who knows when I'll have another relevant opportunity to share this footage.

Now... almost every self-defense technique that counters someone picking you up off of the ground involves hooking your opponent's leg with your own leg... which essentially links your bodies together.

In order to pick YOU up off the ground, he would have to pick himself up off the ground, and that's just not doable... no matter how hard I tug on these bootstraps.

(One day I'll succeed and levitate through my activities.)

Nevertheless, take a look at this montage of people saving their spinal cords and skulls, just by hooking their opponent's leg before the lift.

It's remarkably easy... you just need to do it.

If you figure out how to lift yourself off of the ground, please hover your way over to my place so we can capitalize on your skills with a series of neat heists.

It will be like "Ocean's 11", but only two of us... and instead of us being really smart, you'll just float through unlocked windows while I peer pressure you into burglary.




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