Hooking The Leg

...to avoid Exhibit A and B

  • Please, please, please keep making these clips and sending these emails. We are the poorer without them.

  • Such great footage. Really
    Saw how that hook with the leg or arm depending can literally save your life. Also showed very well that a smaller dude can F a big guy up if he knows what he’s doing. Awesome lessons here. Thanks

  • Saw that ankle hook early on. Nice move by that kid. The guy about to lose his ligaments was not getting the message until it was almost too late.

  • As a small framed, light weight guy… I have instinctively hooking the leg like this to avoid getting slammed since ’85!!! I guess I knew MMA moves before there was an MMA. LOL

  • Very good. I can testify that this exact technique saved me in the court parking-lot, just before the prosecution threatened to submit exhibit A and B…

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